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Ease the cost-of-living crisis with a Universal Basic Income and stop the demonization of the vulnerable. A UBI will lift up every Australian citizen and give all Australians aspiration, the opportunity to achieve their dreams and a fair dinkum chance at life.

Ease the rental crisis by removing negative gearing from short-stay accommodation. Negative gearing for investment properties was originally designed so investors would be rewarded for adding supply to the long-term rental market, not the accommodation market. This will help ease the rental crisis and help our struggling tourist accommodation here on the Gold Coast.

Ease congestion on the M1 by exploring all options to increase the capacity of this national highway. One option would be a double-decker M1 – we simply can’t have exponential growth in population without increasing the capacity of this critical infrastructure for the future. We can’t go out, there’s no room, so we must go up.

Focus on domestic violence – we must continue to improve our support mechanisms for victims of DV. In addition, to break the cycle of domestic violence, we must focus our attention on the perpetrators. We must create strategies and programs to help perpetrators change, learn, heal and build better lives for themselves and their families, this will reduce the pool of DV victims and stop the cycle.

Focus on gambling addiction which causes so much harm in society, and create effective solutions to address this scourge.

Continue to address climate change with meaningful solutions that everyday people can afford to implement easily.

Address gender equity issues so that women have the same opportunities in life as men.

Hold the government to account by serving the people of Fadden with integrity, hard work and fostering a healthy political ecosystem through community engagement.